Wanting To Be Liked has a Pitfall

Ever let the desire to be liked get in the way of what you really care about?

Recently, I wanted to be liked by my coaching client, which I know is normal for us human beings, but the price is that I didn’t coach him as powerfully as I know I can.

This client was lying to me and to his parents. He reported to me that he was consistently taking actions that we had designed together, but he wasn’t. He told his parents that his grades were higher than they actually were.

I found all of this out via his parents, and the next day I had a coaching session with him. I was nervous on the call. Addressing the issue was important, but something was holding me back. In spite of my reticence, I confronted my client about the lies. He tried to slither around the truth, but eventually, he admitted everything. The rest of the coaching session went relatively smoothly.

Immediately following this coaching session, I had a call with MY coach. We explored the source of my nervousness, and I discovered that I simply wanted to be liked by my client.

Wow. This is definitely NOT the way to coach. I realized newly that a great coach demands of his clients and expects from them in a way that no one else will. We human beings want this in our lives. We want someone to see us, speak to us, and treat us as the best version of ourselves.

It’s possible that we may not always like this person, for s/he makes us see things that we don’t like. If however, this person stands firmly for our greatness, we’ll survive the difficult look in the mirror. We’ll respect him/her, and we’ll be grateful.

This experience gave me an invaluable gift as a life coach: permission to be confident and courageous, to be the coach who kicks butt, and doesn’t sell out on himself or his clients.
It takes courage for a human being for avoid the pitfall of wanting to be liked.
We human beings have to muster courage, in order to stand for what we really care about, and avoid the pitfall of wanting people to like us.
Beware of the natural human tendency to be liked.

I’m not advocating that you go out and be a jerk, but that you trust yourself and everything you stand for in life. You’ll attract people who are with you, and you’ll repel those who are not.

If everyone likes you all the time, stop and think. Are you selling out on what you really care about, in order for them to like you.

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