Summer Like No Other Workshops for Families

The Summer Like No Other Workshops for Families breath new life into relationships!

They address common issues, such as lack of communication, strife between parents and teenagers, and the business-as-usual tendency of active families.

*Nuestros entrenadores de vida son 100% bilingües.

Our intention is that these workshops are a sequential series; however, each one can stand on its own.

If you are relatively far from the Denver Metro Area, we can conduct these workshops by videoconference.

Each seminar lasts one half to a full day, depending on the number of family members, and the attitude they bring to the exercises.

For information on our registration process, scroll to the bottom of this page, please.

Values Inventory Workshop

This workshop is ideal for families with teenagers or young adults.

Have you ever noticed that your children don’t seem to listen to you? Are they not following through on your directives, and/or on what they say they will do?

One cause is that teenagers simply get tired of listening to adults tell them what to do/not do.

The common result is that parents, teachers, coaches, etc., become frustrated, and they want to give up.

This half-day workshop gives teenagers and parents an opportunity to look newly at their values, how clearly they are being communicated, and how fully they are being manifested in their lives.

Children who are clear about their values are happier and more productive.
Clarity about one’s values can produce happiness, vision, and openings for action.

Desired Outcomes: 

-clarity about values, and how they manifest in your being and acting

-strategies for recognizing conflict and resolving it quickly

-fresh intimacy among family members

-a living environment of mutual understanding

Powerful Communication Workshop

Also ideal for parents and their children, this workshop should follow the Values Inventory Workshop; however, we can deliver it as a stand-alone activity.

Have you ever noticed that open and responsible communication tends to break down in busy families?

Often, we wrap ourselves so tightly in our schedules that our interactions with each other devolve into business-as-usual.

This workshop explores direct and respectful communication, owning up to mistakes, and letting go of past resentments.

For families, communication is the key to intimacy, respect, and love.
A few minor but powerful adjustments to a family’s style of communication, can refresh intimacy, love, and mutual respect.

Desired Outcomes:

facility making requests and accepting any answer you get

skill with owning up to mistakes and making things right with others

the ability to forgive anyone for anything, and quickly

a family environment of open and respectful communication

Adventure Workshop

We designed this workshop for middle school to college-aged students, but parents will benefit greatly as well. It should follow the previous 2 workshops, but it stands alone too.

Have you ever noticed that we often don’t act on our dreams, our desire for adventure, or anything else that just “doesn’t seem possible?”

So often, we don’t take action because of time, money, or another seemingly insurmountable circumstance.

This workshop explores this phenomenon from a neurological level. We look at the default self-talk that follows our inspiration, the emotions that follow, and the actions we take/don’t take.

Learning that failure is part of success, will transform your relationship to excitement and adventure.
A healthy relationship to success and failure can unleash your potential for excitement and adventure.

Desired Outcomes: 

-a healthy relationship to failure and success

-confidence asking anyone for anything

-progress on at least one adventure of your dreams

-deepened awareness of the thoughts that stop you

-a renewed spirit of excitement and adventure

Registration Process:
  1. First, have a 30-munute, live conversation with Coach, Culum Walsh, about your family and these workshops. Get all of your questions answered, and decide if you’d like to take the next step.
  2. Next, schedule an Introductory Interview and Family Coaching Session with Coach, Culum Walsh, and your family. The intention is to determine whether or not these workshops are the right fit. The cost is $95.00. The duration is one hour.
  3. Then, if you and Culum decide to move forward with one or more of these workshops, the times, days, and other details of this arrangement will be written in a contract and emailed to all of the participants.
  4. The payment, as well as the signed contract, must be received before the start-date of the workshop.

*Nuestros entrenadores de vida son 100% bilingües.

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