LZR Focused Small Group Academic Life Coaching for students will launch you into action!
LZR Focused Small Group Academic Life Coaching for students supports you in taking action, creating new habits, and learning about yourself along the way.
LZR Focussed Small Group Academic Life Coaching for Students will launch you into action!

Designed originally for college freshman who are adjusting to life on campus, this format for coaching students works well any group of 2-4 participants, from 5th grade to graduate school.

LZR Focussed addresses the following challenges:
  • difficulty studying
  • eating poorly
  • time management
  • domestic tasks
  • not exercising
  • over-spending
  • work-life balance
  • disorganization
  • lack of motivation
  • struggles in relationships.
What it looks like:
  • between 2 and 4 participants in each group
  • videoconference
  • weekly for 60 minutes each session
Format: Small Group Academic Life Coaching for Students
  • Check-in: share for one minute each about how you're doing.
  • Accountability: answer the question: "How did last week's action go?" The coach will ask you at least one more powerful question that raises your self-awareness.
  • Name the Action: one minute each to describe what action you're going to take.
  • LZR Focused Action: leave the conference for 20-30 minute and DO that thing; come back at 15 minutes before the hour.
  • Exploring Learning and Being: when you come back, the coach will ask you a learning and a being question that will allow you to discover something new about yourself.
  • Action: name the action you're taking for the next week
  • Accountability and Communication: answer the question, "How would you like me to hold you accountable?" (text, email, etc.)
Details and Prices:

Fall Semester Program (roughly 14 sessions): Starts the first week after Labor Day, and ends the week before Final Exams. $210/person

Spring Semester Program (roughly 18 sessions): Starts the first week after the Winter Holiday, and ends the week before Final Exams. $240/person

Full-Year Program (roughly 32 sessions): Combines both Semester Programs. $400/person (10% discount for full-year)

*all payments are due in full before the first session of the program.

*we do not meet during Spring Break, Thanksgiving, and Winter Holidays.

Meet The Coach, Culum Walsh

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