Remote Learning: Structure and Organization for School

Without a doubt, remote learning has changed the lives of our children, especially the way that they use organization, and how they relate to schedules in general.

Overall, last semester, online education was fraught with disorganization and lack of structure.

Unfortunately, many students fell through the cracks.

Also, many parents were relatively unaware of how to support their children.
Disorganization and lack of structure plagued online education.
Although young people tend to love technology, many students struggled with disorganization and lack of structure during remote learning.
Fortunately, there was one structure that made a huge difference in the organization of my daughters’ entire school-day, during Covid.
  1. First, we sat down together in the morning, and we made a schedule for the whole day, not just school.
  2. Consistently, this included household chores, exercise, walking the dog, meals, piano practice, etc.
  3. Happily, my daughters cooperated with me on this; also, they enjoyed writing it out themselves.
  4. For fun, my wife and I rewarded them for completing each item within the allotted time.
So, how else do parents support their children in online education?
  1. Definitely, be aware of the online teaching resources that schools are using. Please, click here for examples.
  2. This will give you a clearer idea of your children’s experience with remote learning.
  3. Also, apply the schedule-idea above to each child’s daily assignments.
  4. Fortunately, most students receive all of their assignments early in the morning, so #3 should be relatively easy.
Lastly, communicate, communicate, communicate. The absence of a live classroom makes this essential to your child’s success in school.

In other words, encourage your children to let their teachers know that they need help.

And, be sure that you’re checking your child’s academic scores online.

If you have questions, email the teacher. Don’t feel that you’re bothering them. They want to hear from you.

Before you go, check out additional blog posts for parents and students; specifically, Cheating or Teaching in School, for academic dishonesty can be even more prevalent with online learning. 

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