Quitting Alcohol and Caffeine Changes Consciousness

For me, quitting alcohol and caffeine has been a fascinating health and social experiment.

Since May 10, 2021, I have been drinking non-alcoholic beverages and decaffeinated coffee.

To be clear, I wouldn't say I had a problem.

For example, I never drank during the week. However, I would have a couple of drinks on both Friday and Saturday nights.

Also, I drank one, 16 ounce travel mug of coffee every morning. It was strong coffee, so I was getting a lot of caffeine.

So, why did I quit alcohol and caffeine?
  1. First, I'm always trying to improve my mental and physical health.
  2. Therefore, removing 2 drugs from my system was consistent with my current habits.
  3. Such as, my plant-based diet; not smoking; working out 5 days/week, and practicing yoga once/week.
Quitting caffeine changed my consciousness.
The average 8 ounce cup of caffeinated coffee has 97 milligrams of caffeine, compared to 2 milligrams in decaffeinated coffee.
Definitely, I had concerns about quitting alcohol and caffeine.

I thought my family and friends would pressure me to drink alcohol.

I thought I would miss the delicious taste and morning ritual of drinking coffee.

Here is an article about a science writer's experience quitting caffeine: Kicking My Caffeine Addiction.

Surprisingly, the concern about quitting alcohol didn't happen, but the concern about coffee did.

None of my friends or family questioned my choice to quit alcohol.

And, I really missed the warm custom and yummy taste of coffee in the morning.

But, I noticed amazing changes in my body and my consciousness right away.

Without a doubt, my mind slowed down in the morning in an excellent way.

That is, I noticed more. On my early morning walks with the dogs, I heard more and saw more.

Also, I fell asleep easier, and I woke up faster. I know. It's ironic that waking up is quicker sans caffeine, but it's true.

Lastly, my gastrointenstinal system was calmer and slower.

Caffeine relaxes our bowels and increases the urge to urinate, often at inconvenient times.

Switching to decaf kept these issues at bay, and I got to enjoy the taste and ritual of morning coffee.

But, oh, quitting alcohol was amazing!

Essentially, I noticed nearly no difference socially. I was just as engaged and just as glib. Also, I enjoyed myself and others equally, if not more.

And, I had more energy throughout the evening, which reminded me that alcohol has always made me tired.

Here is another man's experience of quitting alcohol: What Happened to Me After Giving up Booze for a Year.

Beer is roughly 90% carbs and 10% protein.
As my consciousness shifted, I felt better about myself.

To be clear, I wasn't feeling bad about myself when I quit alcohol and caffeine.

But, I definitely felt an uptick in my dignity and self-esteem when I did.

As I felt better about myself, I felt better about my wife and children.

I adore my wife and children, and I wasn't feeling bad about our relationships.

However, I noticed more about them. I found myself falling in love with them more often.

In general, quitting alcohol and caffeine has made me a more satisfied person, a more loving husband, and a more present parent.
Here's a piece of unsolicited advice:

If you know that you want to or should quit something, do it. Get the program, support, and people that you need. Do it for yourself and the people you love. You can do it!

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