As a bilingual life coach for students, I coach in English and Spanish.
I am a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and a Bilingual International Academic Life Coach for students, 6th Grade through Graduate School.
Primarily, that which sets me apart as a life coach for students is that I don't coach the problem. I coach the client, and I do so in English or Spanish.

In other words, as a Bilingual Academic Life Coach, I don’t give students answers.

I don’t tell them what to do, and I don’t lead them, but they lead me. 

Mostly, what distinguishes me as a coach is that I trust my clients’ natural resourcefulness, intelligence, creativity, imagination, and wholeness.

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In their coaching sessions, I have faith in them. I believe in them.

Without a doubt, they have time and space to think; to say, “I don’t know,” and then think some more.

They have room to stumble and discover something new about themselves.

In Spanish or English, I trust them to create their own solutions to their own problems.

The following 8 items make me unique as a Bilingual Academic Life Coach:
  1. First, I develop a strong partnership with parents; specifically, live debrief calls; a written summary of each session, and tips on how to support their children in the coaching relationship.
  2. Second, I lead a workshop series for parents that teaches them how to incorporate the coaching model of communication into their parenting.
  3. Third, I have 21 years of classroom teaching experience, so I know what it takes to be successful in school.
  4. Also, I have logged more than 1000 hours of paid, one-on-one coaching with students.
  5. I was an Academic Life Coach-Trainer for 1.5 years with Coach Training EDU.
  6. And, I have lived, worked, and studied in 3 different countries for extended periods of time, so I get cultural sensitivity.
  7. Importantly, my why of coaching is that students all over the world become happy and comfortable with themselves, because when they do, they can do anything they want in school and life.
  8. Lastly, for more information on my professional background, please see my resume: Culum Walsh CV 
SPECIAL SUMMER DISCOUNT for one-on-one academic life coaching.

If your child completes the Introductory Interview and Coaching Session, before the first day of school, and then registers for weekly coaching for the entire first semester, we will subtract $300 from the overall tuition.

Typically, this is an $1800 value for $1500.

Culum Walsh, Life Coach for Students in Spanish or English.
Culum Walsh, Professional Certified Coach (PCC); Bilingual Academic Life Coach

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