Precautions for a Unique Upcoming School Year 21/22

21/22 will be an exceptional school year, so there are safeguards to put in place.

Yes, last year was unique in its own right. School was so difficult for students and teachers. Even so, this doesn't mean that 21/22 will be easy. There are precautions to consider.

First, the pandemic will still be upon us in the fall.

Yes, vaccinations are available, but we are not out of the woods.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) is posting weekly statistics for the U.S.

Safeguards will be in place for a unique 21/22 school year.
Last year's precautions in schools were unique, but this year will be exceptional as well.
In general, many schools and colleges are preparing certain safeguards:
  1. first, social distancing in classrooms and common areas
  2. second, vaccination requirements
  3. also, mask wearing
  4. lastly, virtual and in-person options
Without a doubt, it's a good idea to contact your child's school. Find out what the unique precautions are.

In some cases, the safeguards may be unique from school to school within the same school district.

This could be confusing for parents and students.

Also, this year will be exceptional because learning suffered last year.

Don't assume that your child will be an excellent student solely because in-person schooling is back.

Many students, including minority and vulnerable children, lost academic skills last year. Additional support may be necessary:

  1. tutoring
  2. counseling or therapy
  3. academic life coaching
Understandably, some students were happier at home than at school, so returning to in-person learning could be a shock.
An exceptional results of school during Covid is that some students were happier at home.
A unique and unexpected result of online schooling is that some students were happier at home.
Following are suggestions for parents:
  1. First, check in with your child about his/her comfort returning to school.
  2. Second, err on the side of precaution with the pandemic. The Delta variant is out there, and not everyone is vaccinated.
  3. So, if possible, get your child vaccinated.
  4. Next, check your child's grades weekly.
  5. Better yet, go over them with your child every week.
  6. And, encourage your child to communicate more than ever with teachers.
  7. Definitely, 21/22 will be an exceptional year for teachers, too, so they're looking to establish strong bonds with students.
  8. Also, don't hesitate to contact your child's teachers regularly, even if it's just to check in.
  9. If necessary, get your child some academic and/or socio-emotional support.
Lastly, don't make assumptions about the school's precautions.

Visit their website. Check with the school district. Call the front office if you have to.

In general, don't fantasize that the 21/22 school year is going to be easy, somehow.

In many ways, there will be just as much, if not more, adjusting as there was during the height of Covid.

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