What Parents Don’t Know About Today’s Student-Helping Modalities

Understandably, most parents are not aware of a common, yet unspoken, paradigm that exists in today’s student-helping modalities.

Likely, most parents don’t know that this context shapes every conversation with students.

First, we must list these methods:
  • counseling and therapy
  • also, tutoring and mentoring
  • and even, teaching, sports coaching, and parenting
The paradigm of which parents are not aware, is this:


  • The adult-professional knows this.
  • Also, the student knows this.
  • And, the parents know this.
  • Lastly, no one ever talks about it; it’s simply understood.
Most parents don't know about the expert-paradigm among adult-professionals who help students.
Overall, most parents are not aware of the expert-paradigm that exists in today’s student-helping modalities.
Basically, this paradigm goes like this:
  • First, the student describes a problem.
  • Then, the adult gives an explanation, interpretation, or diagnosis.
  • Next, the adult gives the the student advice, or otherwise, tells him/her what to do/not do.
  • The student takes these actions or doesn’t.
  • Finally, the student produces a new result, or not.
Clearly, this paradigm is necessary.

Today’s helping modalities work for lots of students in lots of situations.

Also, it’s important to note that adults must tell students what to do in many situations; for example,
  • emergencies
  • deadlines
  • teaching new skills
  • healing injuries
Fortunately, a new and unique method is producing amazing results for students.

Most notably, this new method flips the expert-paradigm on its head.

Also, it gives students as much time and they need to discover their own answers to their own problems.

Without a doubt, most parents don’t know about this method: Academic Life Coaching.

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So, what’s unique about it?
  • First, the coach is not the expert on the student.
  • The student is the expert on him/herself.
  • So, the coach trusts the student’s leadership in the coaching session.
  • To clarify, the coach IS an expert on. . .
    • being curious about the student
    • listening
    • asking powerful questions
  • Also, the coach never tells the student what to do.
  • That is, the student creates his/her own actions.
  • Lastly, the coach asks the student how s/he would like to be held accountable for these actions.
Most parents don't know about the self-confidence, motivation, and productivity that students develop in the Academic Life Coaching Program.
In general, most parents are not aware of the self-confidence, motivation, and results that students produce in the Academic Life Coaching Program.
What are the results of this paradigm-shift?
  • most of all, a lot more self-awareness
  • similarly, more self-confidence
  • and, more motivation
  • also, better organization
  • and, higher grades
  • total ownership of the results, for the student created the actions that produced them.
  • hence, more skill at solving one’s own problems
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