Middle School Students Using Planners

A middle school student must use a planner to get the most out of his/her education. (post by Psychology Today)

Middle school students who don’t use a planner can’t remember all of their assignments. They forget when tests and quizzes are coming.

They don’t get all of their assignments completed, and they turn in work late. Also, they come unprepared to class far more often than students who do use a planner.

Middle school students who don’t use a planner suffer additional consequences. (post by hercampus.com)
  • feeling embarrassed in class
  • frustrated parents
  • feeling stupid, or like a bad student
  • hazing from other students
  • lowered self-esteem
  • grades that are lower than the student’s capabilities
  • a less than satisfactory education
Should a middle school student use a paper calendar or the digital calendar in his/her phone?
Paper planners are harder to lose for many middle school students.
Paper calendars look like academic materials, so they’re harder to miss.

Pro’s of the paper calendar: (printable student calendars on Pinterest)

  • stands out like another book; not as easy to miss as a phone
  • bigger than a phone calendar
  • writing things down increases memory
  • inexpensive to replace

Cons of the paper calendar:

  • heavier than a phone
  • takes up extra room in the backpack
  • takes up more room on the desk

Pro’s of the phone calendar:

  • many students keep close track of their phones
  • fits easily in the pocket
  • takes up less space on the desk
  • has audible reminders and alarms
  • multiple calendar apps available (best calendar apps by zapier.com)
  • can by synced with the family’s phone calendars
Phone calendars may be better than paper planners for middle school students.
Phone calendars have audible reminders and alarms

Cons of the phone calendar:

  • expensive to replace
  • can become a major distraction
  • requires teacher permission to use in class
  • smaller, and easier to lose than the paper calendar
  • less practical for students who tend to lose their phones
Middle school students who write everything down in their calendars are more successful in all areas of life, not just school.

Writing down family occasions, vacations, no homework nights, dates with friends, sports practices and games, club meetings, etc., makes it far more likely that a middle school students will keep all of his/her commitments.

A middle school student who keeps commitments is happier, more confident, and more motivated. Also, they have more time to relax and have fun.

“Calendar Your Way to Success” 11 calendar habits by Project Management Hacks

A middle school student also has to learn to check the planner.

Using a planner is not solely about writing items down, but checking the calendar at regular times.

Ideal times to check one’s calendar: in the morning before school, at the end of the school-day, and in the evening when homework is completed. Looking at the next day before bed gives a student peace of mind.

A middle schooler who has difficulty with this can get an accountability buddy: a parent, a sibling, a friend, or a counselor or advisor, to remind them to check their calendars regularly.

For a more comprehensive look at success for middle school students, check out these posts: Success in Middle School: 10 Essential Ingredients, and Middle Schoolers Managing Paperwork.

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