Without a doubt, this MasterMind Group will teach you how to let go of the expert mindset, and apply the coaching mindset.

Mostly, we parents see ourselves as parent as expert on our childrenbut this MasterMind Group will show you how and when to let go of this perspective, and how to apply the coaching mindset.

For a comprehensive look at this dynamic, read this blog post.

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To qualify for this MasterMind Group, you must meet one of the following requirements:
  1. First, I coached or am currently coaching one or more of your children.
  2. Second, you have completed at least one workshop in the series, Parenting with a Coaching Mindset.
  3. You are school personnel who is currently taking or has already taken one of my coach-trainings.
  4. Or, you are a former coach-in-training of mine who completed ALC 1.0 with Coaching Training EDU.
  5. Lastly, you attended my workshop or presentation at your child's school.
MasterMind Group to let go of Parent as Expert
This MasterMind Group will give you a much needed break from the expert mindset.
Fortunately, there are many resources for learning more about the benefits of MasterMind groups.
  1. First, here's a excellent article by Sinem Gunel.
  2. And, here's another one by incomediary.com.
  3. Lastly, here are 6 reasons to join one, by Tony Robbins.
To request a digital brochure about this Mastermind Group, please contact us.

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