Conveniently, the International Academic Life Coaching Program is for students all over the world, including TCK’s and CCK’s.

Basically, the International Academic Life Coaching program addresses the following challenges common among students, including TCK’s and CCK’s.

  • disorganization
  • struggles in Relationships
  • difficulty Adjusting to a New Culture
  • procrastination
  • challenges with Second Language Learning
  • low Self Confidence
  • stress
  • anxiety and other Unwanted Feelings

You can solve these problems and more through the International Academic Life Coaching program.

Primarily, this program is for current and incoming 6th grade through 8th grade students.

And, the program works equally well for high school and college students.

In general, you can start any time during the school-year, but preferably at the beginning of the semester. This program consists of 32 concepts spread over 20 sessions (20 weeks).

Why 20 weeks?

Obviously, 20 weeks is 20 coaching sessions. In general, this establishes trust and confidence in your relationship with your coach.

Also, it takes time to identify habits that don’t work, and establish new ones that do. Without a doubt, 20 weeks gives you sufficient time for practice and skill with ALL of the amazing tools of this program.

Most noteworthy, the 20-session package is the entire International Academic Life Coaching program; also, it’s the best deal!

Specifically, each session is 45% OFF the regular price of an individual coaching session.

But, you can sign up for fewer sessions; for example, if you want to see if this is the right fit.

Fortunately, there are 15 and 10-session packages.

Also, If you’d like to test-drive our coaching, first, then contact us about a 6-session package.

Or, go with the Tools for School Introductory Interview and Coaching Session.

*Nuestros entrenadores de vida son 100% bilingües.

So, if you’re a parent or a student, and you’d like more information, please keep reading.

Or, contact Culum Walsh at 303-656-7708 or

Primarily, the first third of the International Academic Life Coaching program focuses on systems, habits, and structures for academic success.

Desired Outcomes:

-first, an effective system for managing your paperwork at school

-also, awareness of your preferred thinking and learning styles

-as well, study habits that match your thinking and learning styles

Next, the second third emphasizes core principles of life-coaching: default perspectives, signature values, and motivation and organization.

Desired Outcomes:

-first, ongoing use of a planner, calendar in your phone, or other structure for keeping track of assignments, tests, quizzes, etc.

-second, identification of your signature values and core motivation styles

-lastly, new habits in school and life that reflect your signature values and core motivation styles

Finally, the third part of the program is about leadership, communication, and preparation for high school.

Desired Outcomes:

-first, a new view of yourself as a leader

-next, clearer communication and better relationships

-then, a concrete plan for being high school-ready

Tools for School Introductory Interview and Coaching Session:

Without a doubt, this is the best way to see if this program is the right fit for you!

For US$200, you get a 60-minute, in-person interview and a 60-minute, virtual coaching session.

For international and out-of-state students, and for those who live farther than 30 miles from Thornton, Colorado, both of your sessions will be virtual.

In this session, you can. . .

  • first, uncover hidden challenges that sabotage your success in school
  • and, learn to get along well with ALL of your teachers
  • also, get over your fear of participating in class
  • next, create an organized system for managing all of your paperwork
  • for sure, discover your thinking style and your learning/memorization style
  • then, identify roadblocks to second language acquisition
  • lastly, develop effective strategies for living and studying abroad
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*Nuestros entrenadores de vida son 100% bilingües.

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