My daughter’s self-esteem and confidence strengthened considerably in the Academic Life Coaching program. She matured immensely, and she has better relationships with friends, family, and other adults in her life. Her grades and focus have increased as well. She now has insight into what’s best for her, and she knows herself better than most 13 year-olds.”  ~A.O., parent ~

“My freshman son said that he learned more about himself with Culum in 45 minutes than with anyone else that he’s ever worked with. Above all, I see a new power within him to be responsible and accountable for his education.”   ~Donna Sage, parent~

“First of all, my son got to see the way he learns. Also, he got to think about other ways to learn. Culum really cares about kids. He has a passion to be the best influence on them, and he challenges them to expand their thinking.”    ~Kristel Puryear, parent~

“Overall, my daughter was introduced to a method of organizing her daily tasks in a logical and highly functional manner. She started using this skill at the beginning of 8th grade, and she’s really enjoying it! I appreciate the passion that Culum brings in helping my child reach a goal. Lastly, he has a positive outlook that has inspired her to do great things.”  ~parent~

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“Most importantly, Culum has a great capacity for relating to people, and having others relate to him. Through his coaching, I went from being a shy 6th grader to being a confident 8th grader who spoke at Commencement in front of 400 people.” ~ Charlotte Pardo, age 18, student ~

“Basically, the most valuable aspect of the Academic Life Coaching program is that I learned a lot about my personal strengths and weaknesses. Unfortunately, I didn’t get my grades where I wanted them, but I did raise 4 F’s to C’s and B’s in about 2 weeks. Also, Culum is an outstanding coach, and the sessions are just the right length. I highly recommend.”   ~Andrew Sage, age 15, student~

“Honestly, I was not looking forward to the Academic Life Coaching program. However, after a couple of sessions, I realized that this is a great help. Essentially, this helped me not only in school, but out of school as well. I discovered my flaws. I reorganized my school and personal life. Also, I raised 4 F’s to C’s or higher. I highly recommend this program to any student.”   ~Jacob Puryear, age 16, student~

The Academic Life Coaching Program has been proven effective in solving many of students' toughest problems.
The Academic Life Coaching Program helps students identify what they really want, and design action steps to achieve it.

“Understandably, public speaking is never something I look forward to. I get beyond nervous before giving speeches. However, Culum’s coaching helped me realize that there is nothing wrong with this, and I should let myself be. Basically, this became a skill that I still use today to help me before a speech, or when I get nervous about anything.”  ~Amber Washington, age 22, student~

“Culum has been the most impactful person in helping me reach my goals in life. Ever since I was a little kid, all I wanted to do was go to China and study Mandarin. Recently, I won a six-week, summer scholarship from the National Security Language Initiative for Youth to study Mandarin in Suzhou, China. Definitely, there is no one more responsible for this than Culum.”  ~Keegan Smit, age 17, student~

“First of all, I was working towards a summer trip to New York for the purpose of visiting relatives. Culum coached me, and I was able to convince my parents to allow it. His words continue to impact the way I push through the rest of my life.”  ~Louis Miller, age 17, student~

“When I was 3 years old, I dreamed of meeting my favorite soccer players. Surprisingly, this dream came true about 4 years ago. Not only did I get to meet players from Club America, but I got personalized gear. Most importantly, I was never a confident or communicative person, but then I got skills from Culum. I became more involved in school activities and clubs.” ~Milton Garcia, age 17, student~

“Basically, Culum’s coaching gave me more opportunities than I thought possible. In 7th grade, there was a student-trip to Japan.  However, my parents were hesitant to give permission. Culum helped me with develop my first professional argument. His coaching skills got me the trip to Japan, and it was one of the best trips of my life.”   ~Manna Naumann, age 17, student

“In the Academic Life Coaching Program, I grew a lot in mental strength and with organizational skills. Basically, I wasn’t great at keeping up with assignments, but now I am using my planner, and I’m getting better grades. I really recommend this program to students who have problems with organization, and want better grades.”  ~ 8th Grade Student ~

Another fortunate fact – students are saying more on Facebook and Google.

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