What if there were a way that parents could take a break from being the expert on their children?

Basically, in this workshop for parents, you can stop solving their problems, and coach your children to solve their own problems.

Life Coaching Skills Workshop for Parents
What would be possible, if you trusted your child as the expert on her/himself?
Most importantly, in this workshop, you can learn to:
  • trust your child as the expert on him/herself
  • next, stop coaching the problem
  • then, start coaching the child
  • explain less, and ask a lot more questions
  • apply powerful coaching tools

Nuestros entrenadores de vida son 100% bilingües.

Enhance your relationships with your children.
This workshop can breath new life into your family, and make parenting easier.
Currently, we are leading two workshops at two schools in Colorado:
Interestingly, life coaching is a paradigm shift for parents.

Most often, parents are jumping in to solve problems. In other words, they are coaching the problem, not the person with the problem.

Sometimes, this is appropriate; specifically, with urgent situations, like. . .

  • fast-approaching deadlines
  • also, injuries
  • or, decisions that need to made “right now”
Life Coaching Skills Workshop for Parents
Overall, coaching the person, not the problem, will evoke self-awareness, confidence, and motivation.
On the other hand, there are lots of situations where parents can practice coaching skills; for example.
  • struggles with friends
  • challenges with school assignments
  • planning for the future
  • choice of school, class, or job
  • long-term projects

Nuestros entrenadores de vida son 100% bilingües.

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