The coaching mindset is a paradigm shift.

Most of the time, school leaders lead within the expert-paradigm. Most of the time, they are not coach-trained.

That is, they trust themselves to direct their team.

But, they don't trust their team to direct themselves.

Coach-training, on the other hand, teaches trust. Please, click here for a free digital brochure on this program.

Without a doubt, trust is the foundation of coaching.

So, coaches MUST trust the people whom they're coaching.

Without trust, school leaders get stuck in the expert-paradigm. Sadly, they burden themselves with problems, and they tell everyone else how to solve them.

Without the coaching mindset, leadership is majorly stressful. Coach-training can make a huge difference
Being stuck in the expert-paradigm causes major stress for school leaders. Coach-training can make a huge difference.
Fortunately, coach-training shows school leaders when to be the experts, and when to let their team be the experts on themselves.

For sure, it takes practice to know when to call the shot, and when to let others call the shot.

Please, click here for a free digital brochure on this program.

Also, coach-training teaches the basic skills of coaching:
  1. First, being curious about others.
  2. Second, listening, but listening as coach.
  3. Next, asking powerful questions.
  4. Lastly, applying coaching tools when appropriate.
Being coach-trained will take your leadership to a whole new level.
The coaching-mindset will take your school leadership to a whole new level.
Conveniently, our coach-training for school leaders is 4-6 hours. And, we can complete it in one or two days.

Please, click here for a free digital brochure on our program.

However, there are longer, more comprehensive coach-training programs, such as:
  1. Coach Training EDU
  2. Coactive Training Institute
Please, whatever you do as a school leader, don't stay stuck in the expert-paradigm.

Unquestionably, there is a way not to be Principal or Counselor or Teacher to the Rescue all the time.

Surely, there is a way to empower your team to identify and solve their own challenges.

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