Acknowledging our Children Goes a Long Way

Fortunately, acknowledging our children is quick and easy. Also, it's worth a lot more than we think.

Most commonly, however, we don't acknowledge our children. We correct them, and we educate them. We direct them.

Without a doubt, this makes sense. Society expects us to do these things. Our children definitely benefit from these actions.

Unfortunately, we parents fall into the habit of doing this all the time.

This habit can contribute to low self-esteem in our children.

After all, they believe of themselves what we believe of them.

Not being in the habit of acknowledging our children contributes to low self esteem.
When we don't acknowledge our children enough, their own self-criticism takes over.
On the other hand, complimenting our children is a huge gift.

In reality, our children are hard enough on themselves.

For this reason, speaking our truths about their positives is invaluable.

To acknowledge our children is quick and easy.

First, look no further than who your child really is for you.

For example, "Honey, I love that you're being so positive about online schooling."

Or, "Hey, I saw you being generous with your brother, and I loved it. Thank you!"

In this video, a parent shares what she got out of acknowledgement.
To acknowledge our children is to build our relationships with them.
When we make a point of acknowledging our children, we get just as much out of it, as they do.
Definitely, our teenagers can't be complimented enough.

After all, they are at an age when they doubt themselves often.

Even if it doesn't look like they appreciate the acknowledgment, they do.

Dr. Lisa Firestine has useful advice for when our teens seem to push us away.

Not surprisingly, our children are not the only ones in our lives who love a compliment.

Especially now, when we are forced to, "love the ones we're with," acknowledgment is yet more valuable.

Try speaking your love and appreciation to your spouse, parents, siblings, co-workers, neighbors, and employees at the stores you frequent, especially for the small things.

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