Most of the time, when we we think of adults who work with students, we accept a certain expert-paradigm.

Unknowingly, we accept that the adult is the expert on the student; in other words, without a conscious paradigm shift, we assume that the adult knows as much or more about the student, as the student knows about him/herself.

Unfortunately, this expert-paradigm leads to advice-giving, tips, and telling students what to do.

The adult might be right; however, the insights and breakthroughs didn't come from the student, so the learning is not as profound or long-lasting.
The expert-paradigm is flipped on its head in this program.
International Academic Life Coaching for students is a paradigm shift, one that honors their natural resourcefulness, intelligence, and wholeness.

*Nuestros "life coaches" son 100% bilingües.

The International Academic Life Coaching program is a paradigm shift. Watch a video about this!
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In other words, we honor the students as the experts on themselves.

After all, no one knows better than they do what they're good at; what they're bad at; where they need to improve, and how they want to stand out.

Similarly, no one knows better than they do what their biggest dreams are, and what their deepest fears are.

The International Academic Life Coaching program trusts that students have all of the answers to all of their own problems. Click here for a free, digital brochure!

That is, the solutions are inside of them, somewhere, and maybe no one has asked the right questions yet, such that they could discover them for themselves.

We are not experts on students, but we are experts at other things, such as. . .
  1. first, being curious about them as fellow human beings
  2. also, listening
  3. asking powerful questions
  4. and, applying coaching tools
The paradigm shift of this modality empowers students to learn a lot about themselves.

And, they take this self-awareness, and they apply it to action, but we never tell them what to do.

We ask, "What's an action you're going to take, given everything you've learned about yourself?"

Next, we guide them, such that their actions are manageable, forward-moving, and 100% within their control.

Also, we offer accountability and communication in between sessions.

Lastly, we design together with the student a detailed, written summary of the coaching session that we send to the parents.

Without a doubt, the most commonly reported benefit of the International Academic Life Coaching program is self-confidence.

Why? Because we trust them as the experts on themselves, and they learn to see themselves this way, so they are empowered to. . .

  1. define the long-term goals of the coaching relationship
  2. set the agenda of each session
  3. clarify the concrete result they would like from each session
  4. design the email summary to their parents
  5. follow through on their actions
  6. communicate with the coach, in between sessions
  7. produce results
For these reasons, the International Academic Life Coaching program builds self-advocacy, independence, and motivation in students, 6th grade through graduate school.

Fortunately, these are life-skills that they can apply anywhere in their lives.

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We offer as well a workshop series for parents that teaches them how to incorporate the coaching model of communication into their relationships with their children.


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*Nuestros "life coaches" son 100% bilingües.